Cuckoo Malware Analysis by Digit Oktavianto, Packt Publishing Book Review

Cuckoo Malware Analysis

Malware is modern nightmare for any government, enterprises and even private users. No wonder a lot of resources are drained to fight it. Luckily, for budget minded there are Open Source offerings. One of the standing out of the crowd is Cuckoo, written by a Googleintern in Python, it constitutes a complete platform for an efficient fight against malware and has an array of enhanced features to offer as impact analysis, reporting to monitoring authorities and issue remediation.

This Packtbook is probably the only offering currently on the market that covers all the intricacies from installing and configuring Cuckoo to extending its capabilities and improving its efficiency further.

The book does not require any programming knowledge nor any special or advanced IT skills, however the author uses an Ubuntu Linux and Oracle VirtualBox (both are extremely popular lately). The book remarkably dedicates alot of time though setting the whole system up, and this is for a reason – malware analysis requires a special approach, persistence and dedication.

The book covers analysis of various malware types and how to attest each, plus involves secondary open source tools, so be prepared to have plenty of hard drive space and enough CPU power.

Despite I did not follow all of the examples it seems that a person on a project would be more than capable to aquatint results with the product in afew days, so if your organization is starting to embrace on a major malware analysis project than look no further than getting this book.I need to state some images appear too small to be read (as most of the report pages) even on a large screen monitor in a PDF. 

Some day I am sure will revisit this excellent book and dedicate more time to experimenting with this remarkable, unique software, I was full ofexcitement and had lots of fun reading this book, hope you will, too.

I am givingthis book a 5 out of 5 rating, but I must admit the book is targetingnewcomers to the malware fight front using Cuckoo.

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