Visual Studio 2013 Cookbook by Jeff Martin and Richard Banks, Packt Publishing Book Review

Visual Studio 2013 Cookbook
Oh Visual Studio! A very fast evolving product, who does not use it when developing on a Microsoft platform? 
I used the one 1st in my life that came in late 90s, it if I remember correctly it offered 3-4 projects. 
Today, after it went through such an evolution Visual Studio has reached an enormous heights. From ETL to reports, from DirectX to tests, from database projects to Windows Store App development, and what not? 
A book on Visual Studio makes a lot of sense. 
Gladly Packt has one off its sleeve that is called Cookbook, in my view these books simply avoid wasting your time. Yet this book is quite universal, if you wish, it will take you through basics as opening a developers` account, or if you do not want to walk baby steps you can jump straight to very advanced topics as say the TPL Dataflow, WPF, Bootstrap and more. 
I felt the book can be sliced and diced like a multidimensional cube, back and forth without any particular order and all would still make sense. Feel free to pick only the parts you need or like. 
I enjoyed reading on Python with .Net integration, turned out it is simple. 
WCF is something I will be doing soon at work, so this book will be revisited gain.
The book is full of graphics, coloreful, high quality graphics, very well structured examples, and full of insight, discusses improvements and suggest on best practices.

The book also covers working with a workflow, graphics, it was even fun to refresh my C++ skills in Visual Studio 2013 retrospective.

In terms of closing, it makes sense to have a printed copy or two, the book must be kept on a bookshelf ready to be borrowed by colleagues. Having it in the eBook format is as helpful as you can search it whenever you need some reference or a refresh. On another note, I wish the book could cover more material as BI, Database, F# development, 
I am giving this book the maximum mark possible.

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