Penetration Testing with the Bash Shell by Keith Makan, Packt Publishing Book Review

Penetration Testing with the Bash shell

I have recentlygrabbed a copy of Penetration Testing with the Bash Shell (Kindle format).

My observation is,there are security incidents all over, but there are very few booksavailable, yet it seems there are even fewer mature specialists tolearn from. Keith Makan surely is one of the top ones.

My intent wasnarrow: to widen my knowledge on the penetration testing tactics, andI hoped to apply at least a few at work. This book helped.

So more on the book,it is structured so in part one it teaches about the intricacies ofthe very common in Linux Bash shell commands and the shell itself.And I admit a learnt a few nifty tricks about the commands I alreadyknew!

I must state soonerthat later that the book is based on the getting increasingly popularKali Linux;But I was able to work out my practice on a Ubuntu 14 without anyissues. One nuance, if a Bash shell in Kali works under the superuserby default you need to remember to sudo on Ubuntu.

The book is not tooterribly long at 150 pages, but it did not feel short. The book isproviding with a lot of useful reference, too. I am going to get afew of the suggested books there actually.

After part one isover the real fun begins. I was able to interrogate remote hosts andwrite a small pen-script for an application at work. And it worked,however not what I wanted to perform was covered in the book, what Iliked, I did not find any vulnerabilities in my app. So it is purefun, but a serious thing at the same time in the wake of the myriadof security breaches around the world.

I am hesitant togive this book a full 5 out of 5 due to the reduced topics coverage,but I cannot give it 4.5 either. So I gave it a 4 stars rating.  

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