Parallel Programming with Python by Jan Palach, Packt Publishing Book Review


As I like reviewing technical books I was noticed by Packt Publishing and given an off the press copy of Parallel Programming with Python. Well, it was an ebook to be accurate. I agreed with joy because Parallel Programming is an increasingly hot topic in today’s IT circles, my announcement spurred even a short discussion. For those who ponder why I can tell in short it is because of the CPU clock speeds stagnation. We, software engineers, are dealing with ever increasing volumes of data and are asked to deliver even faster, more robust applications and websites. This is tough. Parallel Programming is the answer. I hope I whet your appetite for exploring the Parallel Programming so now I can switch the focus to the book.
It is not terribly long. Not costly either. In fact if you care I managed to read it whole in 3 hours plus (stats are from my ebook reader app) and managed to run a few examples that worked on my laptop with Windows 7. I am planning on running more examples later on a POSIX machine. Thing with the examples is they are classic ones: the Fibonacci series which is boring to me and far from what anybody would be dealing with at work and web crawling which is better done using say Nutch. The same code examples go through the entire book, just different techniques applied. What I wish Jan had done is explaining at least what technique helps in what case in real life. My other pet peeves are that there was no mention on how to leverage the GPU, how to eliminate the For Loops – this is actually a must in my opinion, and there was no coverage on how to debug parralel processes. Let me stop at debugging a tad longer: since Python allows mutability it becomes critical to exterminate nasty mutation bugs!
In terms of closing, I have an advice to the author: it is hard to write a technical book, but I wish it could be longer and covered more ground, another advice is to the publisher, this book qualifies for the “Instant” moniker type of the books from Packt.
By the way I like your website redesign!
Three stars out of five.

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