Hands-On Programming With R by Garrett Grolemund, O’Reilly Media Book Review

Write Your Own Functions and Simulations
The interest in theR programming language is rising, and it seems even turning into asurge in popularity rather than just a linear rise, well… besides,you can use R itself to measure its interest growth and popularityexactly!

By the way, thiswill be my third book on R this year. I embarked on reading this bookafter I finished with “Using R for statistics” (http://www.apress.com/9781484201404)which was as practical of the book as “Hands-On Programming With R”(http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920028574.do).But I started my journey in the R books from a more fundamental the“Art of R programming” (http://www.nostarch.com/artofr.htm)and I suggest to stick to such a flow to get acquitted oneself with Rproperly.

More on the Hands-On Programming With R as a book, in short, it is fun, fun to read! Everychapter or exercise is full of tasteful, useful insight as the authortakes you thru accomplishing several very engaging projects. You willlearn a wealth of not so obvious techniques which will help you buildbetter performing, more accurate apps, faster working code with fewerbugs and jump with you into some under-explored areas or R.

I like the part onvectorization the most, and even tried to change my code to doing it,but it is still a work in progress as I can’t QA my change to myliking. The other parts of the book that I liked and trust will be ofhelp to most readers are working with data-frames, matrices, vectors,lists, also environments (did not see this covered anywhere else).

S3/4 and ref classeswere, and largely remain obscure after reading this book. Theplotting was hardly covered. Pity, it is such an in-demand topic.Integration with other languages is not there, too.

So, there is roomfor more improvement, nevertheless, the book I foresee will sparkmore interest in exploring R further.

The bottom line is,the book can serve as an additional or supplementary material andinspire more reading.

I am giving thisbook four stars out of five.

Disclaimer: the bookwas provided to me for free under the O’Reilly reader review programrules.

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