Java Cookbook 3rd Edition by Ian F. Darwin, O’Reilly Media Review

I have not read on Java for a while and this is not because of the greatly exaggerated news on its death. Frankly, I work mostly on the Windows platform where the need for Java arises only on special occasions.
But when I heard of the third edition of the Java Cookbook published it tickled my fancy as I read not long ago on the JavaOne Conference, and the Java 8 release, also the interest in spite of the rise of the Big Data and OSS for Java seems only to pick up the pace. So such a book (as later it proofed) is a great investment.
Before I expand more on the book I would like to say I very much a big fan of cookbooks, this is just a handy reference that is better than Google/Bing in my opinion, or because I remember how my grandma Dorothy used to read her cookbooks whenever I asked for something new for dinner (again, there was no way for her to look up elsewhere on my latest fantasy).
Java Cookbook by Ian Darwin is no different, with one nuance – it is for more battle tested, AKA mature developers, but boy at 800 pages plus of useful content it is covering a lot of ground!
Like I expected, you will find sample code and techniques covering a wide spectrum of our developers’ life, from networking to web development, building and releasing libraries, to profiling and debugging code, a very well structured book all in all.
Besides, this book is also of great help if you plan on grasping or starting coding in Groovy or Clojure, which I am planning on doing.
I was able to find more than I needed. Actually, a day or two after I got the book I needed to tweak a server side bulk data loading script, it was written in simple Java based on an example from DataStax, but I saw more potential and applied one of the OO techniques to make some of the code re-usable. Very proud of myself.
No doubt, the author made a huge effort to compile together such a comprehensive material and also made an effort to cover what areas in Java are less relevant which a big plus.
Verdict: this book is a success, 5 out of 5.
Disclaimer: a free copy of the ebook was provided by O’Reilly as part of their reader review program.
I review for the O'Reilly Reader Review Program

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