Practical Maya Programming with Python Progressing by Robert Galanakis, Packt Publishing Book Review

I cannot agree more with the book‘s opening remark: “Unleash the power of Python in Maya and unlock your creativity”. Python and Maya combined is an awesome sauce! 
I probably should repeat many publications here stating that Python itself grew into more than just a programming language with “batteries included”, it is now even an ecosystem powering frameworks or Big Data and more. Here it is at work to drive fantastic 3D UIs (User Interfaces). Yes, as a software and database developer I confess those who use Python enjoy an incredible productivity. Perhaps knowing Python is enough to code from web apps, mobile or not to doing data analysis, on any OS. OK, perhaps enough on Python, more on the book itself:
Fun and easy to read, it is full of helpful and insightful examples, good graphics that looked right on my mobile device and laptop, by the way, the author sure is a subject matter expert in many more areas than just UIs and Python. Importantly, the author makes clear distinctions between tooling and libraries used to drive Maya.
Robert also falls into the category of authors that outline the material in an digestible yet comprehensive manner, this book I’d say one of the very good ones.
Again, Maya itself benefits from Python, the book covers in great details on how to automate Maya.
The other few notes I have to share would be that this book is for those who already have some or most core skills in both Python and Maya and want to expand into doing some more advanced, if not World Class level software. Look no further than this material.
On another note, the book seems concentrating 60% on Python and the rest on Maya, oddly yet, it seems Maya has no free software versions which is a big miss for me reviewing this book.
Five stars out of five.

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