Scaling Apache Solr by Hrishikesh Karambelkar, Packt Publishing Book Review

Reading Scaling Apache Solr by Hrishikesh Karambelkar turned out to be a great surprise. Having my expectation set initially low (without an apparent reason) it suddenly unfolded into something huge I could regret having otherwise passed by. It is actually an extremely thoughtful and full of practical examples … I do not know how to call it, whether a cookbook or handbook, but definitely a wonderful masterpiece!
The book may be a good source of wisdom or advice for new projects and even serve as a guide to resolving issues or improving poorly performing search applications.
Hrishikesh covers a wide (be warned, it is wide, and in a good sense of the word) variety of topics in his work:
  • Data processing with Apache Solr (techniques)
  • Enterprise search design principals
  • Integration examples (Java, Drupal and more)
  • Distributed search, leveraging the Cloud
  • Making Solr scalable
  • Monitoring of Solr including optimization 
  • Integration with Big Data pillars as Hadoop, Zookeeper, Katta
  • NoSQL: MongoDB and Cassandra
  • Data analysis with R
As a bonus, the author covers fixes to the most common pitfalls or errors.
Blew my expectations! THIS IS the book you want to keep on your bookshelf and electronic media.
After reading this book you can be assured to sail with fear the high waters of the Big Data ocean!
5 starts + out of five!

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