Python for Secret Agents By Steven F. Lot, Packt Publishing Book Review

Attention! A fun, quality read!

And this book is about learning Python, but in such a way you will be hardly able to put the book aside. So do not be fooled by the title. Yes, you will learn about modules, classes and even unit tests!And eventhough Python for Secret Agents isseeminglyaimedat beginner programmers it shouldbe pure fun for the rest of us. In my view this book constitutes serious workcovering such important and frequently used techniques as accessingremote data, getting files over FTP, RESTAPIs, JSON(including serialization), ZIParchives, Geospatialcalculationsor simply teaching such common techniques as file path processing, numericalcomputations, listsand dictionaries or Unit Testing. And clever statistical data processing, too. NumPy,SciPylibraries are covered which is a great plus.

I was able to extract a ton of useful approaches to dealing with web data – BeatifulSoup is among the ones. The book became more and more exiting as I progressed through it until that all unfolded into one aha moment and finally exploded in a-la Cirque De Soleil kind of finale – last chapter: “A Spymaster’s More SensitiveAnalyses”. 

A great, great rare read I did not experience for a long time. Thank you Steven F. Lott! I am looking forward to reading more books from you.

For the sake of this review and by means to downgrade my mark if I had to mention a few deficiencies that would be the lack of sample output (I just not always had the time for running each code example), nor does it provide examples on how towork with shape data (geolocations), but the Shapes is old school.

So all in all it is worth your buck.

Five out of five!

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