Modern Perl Best Practices 50 Tips for Writing More Efficient, Robust, and Maintainable Perl Code by Damian Conway, O’Reilly Media Video Review

50 Tips for Writing More Efficient, Robust, and Maintainable Perl Code

This is my second video from Damian within a year. I decided to watch the author delivering educational content on Perl best practices this time. As a database practitioner myself I must state following best practices is a big thing, it is like that safety net you may have been seeing in circus. It is not much about standards, but more on how to deliver more aligned code that is ready to read and thus understand by others, or yourself after a while, most importantly, it guards you against common pitfalls programming in one language or another. It also transparently makes you a better developer at the same time. With initially substantial and then little effort. So learn and stick to it. Damian has made an awesome job delivering a ton of useful and thoughtful insight, concrete examples on so many topics. I wish I could have such a teacher when I was studying. Each video chapter ends with a summary outlining the most important topics which makes it easy to revisit the key points after a while.

Perl, notoriously known as one of the most difficult languages to read if produced by other programmers (100s of ways to do the same thing). Modern Perl is not an escape from the old. The video is going to stay as important today is it could be years ago (if were around) or in a decade. It must be a good investment into your career.

I liked and re-watched the both chapters on Subroutines (so commonly found), and also I/O (for being a tad complex). But the even the topic on Built-Ins unexpectedly was very informative. Even the chapter on naming was something to fill in with in gaps of the knowledge. Error Handling is a must to watch. I believe each other will have something to complement with.

I have a thought that this video not only applies to Perl developers, but all/any developers who code in an imperative language. And I also think this video is quite unique in terms of content and coverage.

I do not see how it can be any better, I did not code 10K hours in Perl and I am fully aware Damian is a skilled (top notch) developer who must be listened to.

A 5 out of 5 mark from me.

Disclaimer: I received this video for free for the review purpose as per the O’Reilly Reader Reviewer program.

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