Building Scalable Apps with Redis and Node.js by Joshua Johanan, Packt Publishing Book Review

Node.js, Redis is the powerful formula. Don’t be confused nor intimidated by so many XYZ.js offerings, Node.js is standing well out of the crowd. Why this book is one of the many examples, how? Read it. I jump forward and say it is a 5 star, rare gem I do not see often nowadays. And this book does not cover just Node.js and Redis. This book touches so many other not less important components you actually should be able to build your entire enterprise right after you are done with reading this book and implementing what Joshua covered. An awesome, wonderful masterpiece!

More on the book specifics:

The ebook version that I reviewed has 316 pages (in my built-in PDF Viewer of Ubuntu), 10 chapters, no appendix.

Like I said, apart from Node.js and Redis, the following technologies are covered:

– RabbitMQ

– Grunt

– Socket.IO

– How to use Developer Tools to troubleshoot your application

– How to debug both in Node.js and the client side JavaScript

– Backbone.js



I am sure I missed an item or two. Impressed already? I was.

The reader using either major OS is covered. Some Python was interfaced, but you must feel at home regardless of your level of familiarity with it.

You get your application pretty much ready to be deployed and even scale out and up in Chapter 9. You learn to cope with issues in the last chapter, but before you deploy the app, JavaScript best practices get covered.

I hope you pick a copy of the book and enjoy, best build the app or even your own future multimillion ready to go IPO cool app.

Again, 5 out of 5 stars/badges of honour!

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