Rapid Flask by Gareth Dwyer, Packt Publsihing Video Review

Python has seen a rapid adoption rate recently and seems to have been proliferated many IT shops as it now boasts a myriad of helpful libraries in addition to having adapters and connectors for most of the data storage offerings and of course is very much suitable for the web development where Flask appears to me being the leader in the Python Web Frameworks space.

Would it be suffice to say it is looking like the most used language in 2015 to motivate you coding in Python?

With this popularity in sight the amount of training material started to grow significantly. Packt Publishing among the other leading technical education content providers quickly spotted the potential and released a barrage of products among them the Rapid Flask training course I happened to enjoy watching.

In short, the objective of this course is to quickly get you up and running a Python powered modern Single Page web Application (SPA), yes, not more or less, in under 50 min. well 42 in fact. Yes, no kidding. Python is so wicked!

This is of course not without mentioning the author Gareth Dwyer who put a lot of effort into making this video tutorial so effective. I like how the environment was set up on all-in-the-box plain and simple Ubuntu with all what you need to develop anything.

The video shows all the development cycles from simple URL submissions, handling JSON, to user input handling, omitting the unit tests, error handling and ends with some road-map to exploring Flask add-ons and libraries to take you into more advanced topics as database integration.

Verdict: 5 out of 5. If you are in a hurry or have a tight budget, this video is for you. As a next step to mastering Flask I would recommend a more in depth book or video.


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