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FuelPHP Application Development Blueprints by S├ębastien Drouyer, Packt Publishing Book Review

You will not come across many robust HMVC web frameworks and especially those built on top of the excellent and now in its rebirth PHP. To not to reiterate over the things how HMVC is much more advanced than the vanilla MVC you can read a nice blog post dedicated to this topic. If you do not bother visiting it I will not be lazy to state it is the familiar MVC, but logically structured. FuelPHP is exactly such an HMVC implementation. So if you ask why HMVC, well, here I offer two choices, ether get a free chapter of the FuelPHP Application Development Blueprints book, or listen to me, well read rather: it allows what not so-web developers call “design by contract” (DbC). But this is what I say after I read this book.

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