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Any Packt’s eBook or video is just $5!

Just a heads up folks to take advantage of the following promotion:

Till the end of the year every single eBook and video course Packt has ever created will be available on the publisher’s website for just $5!Packt5

To avail of this offer simply visit Packt’s website.

By the way, Packt has also created their very first Year in Review. It will make you aware of the biggest topics that came out in 2015. But this is not all! Since thousands of people participated in this survey it became possible to show what’s going to be defining 2016 and probably beyond – this way you can learn intelligently and strategically!

Happy New Year!



CANITPRO At The Movies … Or win a 3D movie prize package by upgrading your IT skills!


This is a heads-up for the Canadian IT pros: for a limited time you can upgrade your skills and win a prize!

Sounds exiting? I bet! Head over to #Canitpro site to register and get the fun started!

Once done, consider checking up Azure with a free month of full trial to apply your knowledge.

If you have or planning to get a MSDN subscription, then the offer is even better with no limit in time, check it out, too.

There is nothing to lose, only gain knowledge that pays back, well… if you even do not win the prize.

Disclaimer: offer valid for Canadian residents only.